Our Team


Our Team, Our Strength

None of us is as smart as all of us.

We do different things, all leading to one goal: Effective Inbound Marketing.

Our team consists of players from communications, IT, public relations, and marketing backgrounds, but we are all united by our passion for inbound. With our diverse backgrounds and experience, we bring a fresh approach to digital marketing, making it less about the analytics and more about telling the client's story effectively.

We have SEO specialists, coding geeks, social media gurus, web design stars and content pros amongst us, whose target is to bring the onsite-offshore model to inbound marketing, and take it beyond data gathering and analysis. Our team includes certified HubSpot Inbound Marketers and Google Analytics and AdWords experts, who are trained and experienced in the respective skills. Having worked with different markets and industries across the globe, we have developed a keen sense of what works best for different geographies and verticals.

Our Specialty:

As we go about our inbound business, we ask ourselves these questions every day:

  • Have I made the client go ‘Wow!’ today?
  • Have I created something awesome today?
  • What challenge of my client’s did I crack today?
  • How did my client gain from my work today?
  • Can I do any better tomorrow?

What you get

Your Digitant team members are driven by an impulse to deliver best possible results to you and help you attain high returns for your digital marketing investments. Consequently, you get a dedicated and highly motivated set of inbound marketers working for your success.

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