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Digitant Achieve 35% Growth in Client Base by Partnering with HubSpot

Gayathri Choda is the Founder and MD of Digitant, a marketing agency based in India that specialises in developing customised inbound marketing solutions for clients across industries such as SaaS, Healthcare, Financial Services and more. Gayathri has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world including Time Inc. and Nokia, enjoying stints in both the US and Singapore during her career so far. Bolstered by her exceptional experience, Gayathri identified a gap in the market for an agency that could both educate and entice clients to make the move to the digital age. In HubSpot, Gayathri found a partner that could not only service the needs of Digitant’s clients, but also the needs of her company. Since partnering with HubSpot in 2015, Digitant has gone from strength to strength. Over the last 12 months, their client base has grown by over a third, with close to a combined $40,000 in additional revenue and cost savings made during that time.

Demonstrating Digital Value in a Sleeping Market

When Gayathri started Digitant, her vast experience made her acutely aware of the main stumbling blocks that the company would face in the Indian market. She spoke of an inherent lack of digital adoption in the market, where many companies were behind the curve and didn’t fully grasp the benefits of marketing automation and digital in general. With a heavy reliance on relationship-based selling in India, Gayathri found that the vast majority of potential clients believed they already knew their customer, and had no desire to move into the digital space.

Another challenge came from the presence of several free tools that companies could opt for instead of working with Digitant. While these tools provided initial cost savings, they came with hidden inefficiencies that rendered them far less value for money. Coupled with the lack of digital understanding in the market, Gayathri realised it may prove difficult to convince potential clients that they’d be better equipped to make the digital transition with Digitant. Simply put, Digitant were offering a service that most businesses in the Indian market didn’t even know they needed, let alone wanted to pay for. It was clear that Digitant required a tool that was both user-friendly and all-encompassing. In the same boat? Book a free demo to find out how HubSpot can help!

Easy and Effective Automation

Gayathri was no stranger to marketing automation, having used multiple tools in some of her previous roles. She noted that while they were effective in their own right, they came with a significant price tag and were too complicated for users in the digitally inexperienced Indian market. This is where Gayathri felt the HubSpot Growth Stack came into its own, with a supremely simple user interface that could resonate with clients and also act as an ideal solution for Digitant’s own marketing automation needs.

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